Reader Q & A

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our house was featured over at 6th Street Design School last Friday. Since I still haven't revealed all the rooms in our house yet, you can hop over to get a sneak peak of Quinne's room, the dining room and the master bedroom. I've had lots of questions about sources so here are the answers.

Q: Where is your seagrass coffee table from?
A: I snagged this table from my first interior design job. It is made by a company called Interlude and has since been discontinued, sorry for the bad news!

Q: Can I have the info for the yellow/white ikat curtain fabric?
A: The fabric is Duralee and I can sell it to you by the yard, email me if you are interested at

Q: What is the paint color of the red hutch?
A: It is Benjamin Moore's Heritage Red, it comes already mixed as a semi-gloss. (I just googled it to make sure I had the right name and it looks like House Beautiful calls it a sexy paint color, that made me laugh)

Q: Where is the striped runner from in your kitchen?
A: Good ol' Ikea

Q: Where are the pillow fabrics from?
A: I purchased the fabric at Calico Corners and sewed them myself. I am actually selling all but the black ones if anyone is interested because we are moving today and I will no longer need them. Email me if you are interested.

Q: Where did you get the trim for the cribskirt?
A: Again, Calico Corners :)

Q: Where is Charley's baby from?
A: She is officically named Stella and you can purchase her here.

Q: How did you get such a good deal on Quinne's chair?
A: I was lucky enough to snag this Kravet chair from the showroom floor for $250 as a floor model. 

Last but not least, I will be selling both pairs of curtains from Charley's room because our girls will be sharing a room when we move into our new house. Shoot me an email if interested. 

I hope to be back with one more post this week but if not, please forgive me as we are in the middle of a move. We're actually swapping houses with friends of ours who live literally six houses down the block. We are now known as the swappers in our neighborhood, that too makes me laugh!

Wish me luck! XO

Flowery Pouf Please

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm seriously dying over this pouf. As in, might sell off one of my children. (Mom, I'm just kidding!) But really, I LOVE this thing. Do you think my husband might not notice $438 missing from our bank account?

Here is the pouf featured over at me oh my in her daughter's nursery, so amazing!

Now, I'm wondering, can I DIY this? Maybe if I get a Silhouette machine to cut out the flowers...
Any thoughts or tips on getting started on this?

Hot Air Balloon Invitaton Available in my Shoppe

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The party is finally cleaned up, my craft room/office is starting to look back to normal and the chaos is winding down. I have a darling little one year {and a two year old, yikes} and it's time to share her birthday party invitation. This is DEFINITELY my most favorite invitation I have ever designed.

I just listed this in my shoppe {after getting several requests for it} and it is available here for $18 for the printable file. Did you know I also offer printing? In fact, I can also line your envelopes with your own photo. I've got 45 envelopes to line for a client today.

DIY Photo Envelope Liner Tutorial

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I'm so excited to share the tutorial for the photo envelope liner. And, I'm thrilled to reveal that I am a new contributing writer over on the Birthday Girl blog. I've been a longtime follower of Becca's blog so it was such an honor to have her ask me join the team.  This tutorial was the first one that I shared on her blog and make sure to stay tuned for more party related tutorials. 

Here are the materials/steps to making your own custom photo envelope liners:

Supplies needed
-Double Sided Tape
-Envelopes (I always use the A7 envelopes from Paper Source)
-Photo cropped and resized to be 6.5 inches wide x 6 inches tall and printed on white cardstock (can be cropped with free photo editing software such as Picasa. I use Photoshop.)


1. First, we need to create our envelope liner template. Place envelope on sheet of white cardstock.
2. Using a pencil, trace outline of envelope onto cardstock...
3. Now we need to trim down our template so that it can slide into the opening of the envelope, I measured in 3/8 of an inch from each side using a ruler and then cut out the liner.
4. Make sure that the template fits inside the envelope properly before we move onto the photo...

Note: If you want to skip these first 4 steps, Paper Source sells pre-made templates for all of the envelopes, available here.
5. Making sure to line up the edges, trace the template onto your printed photo...
 6. Cut out the photo liner.
7. Place the photo into your envelope and line up the top point just below the glue line of the envelope.
8. Hold the liner in place and fold the flap down to create a crease in the liner.
9. Apply two pieces of double sided tape to the back of the photo and press onto flap to secure the liner in place...
That's it! Once you get the template made, the process is pretty fast. Plus, your friends and family will love it so much, I promise the effort will be worth it. 

This same process can be used without a photo. I line my Christmas cards with wrapping paper from Paper Source every year. But beware, lining envelopes is slightly addicting.

Happy lining! XO