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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our house was featured over at 6th Street Design School last Friday. Since I still haven't revealed all the rooms in our house yet, you can hop over to get a sneak peak of Quinne's room, the dining room and the master bedroom. I've had lots of questions about sources so here are the answers.

Q: Where is your seagrass coffee table from?
A: I snagged this table from my first interior design job. It is made by a company called Interlude and has since been discontinued, sorry for the bad news!

Q: Can I have the info for the yellow/white ikat curtain fabric?
A: The fabric is Duralee and I can sell it to you by the yard, email me if you are interested at

Q: What is the paint color of the red hutch?
A: It is Benjamin Moore's Heritage Red, it comes already mixed as a semi-gloss. (I just googled it to make sure I had the right name and it looks like House Beautiful calls it a sexy paint color, that made me laugh)

Q: Where is the striped runner from in your kitchen?
A: Good ol' Ikea

Q: Where are the pillow fabrics from?
A: I purchased the fabric at Calico Corners and sewed them myself. I am actually selling all but the black ones if anyone is interested because we are moving today and I will no longer need them. Email me if you are interested.

Q: Where did you get the trim for the cribskirt?
A: Again, Calico Corners :)

Q: Where is Charley's baby from?
A: She is officically named Stella and you can purchase her here.

Q: How did you get such a good deal on Quinne's chair?
A: I was lucky enough to snag this Kravet chair from the showroom floor for $250 as a floor model. 

Last but not least, I will be selling both pairs of curtains from Charley's room because our girls will be sharing a room when we move into our new house. Shoot me an email if interested. 

I hope to be back with one more post this week but if not, please forgive me as we are in the middle of a move. We're actually swapping houses with friends of ours who live literally six houses down the block. We are now known as the swappers in our neighborhood, that too makes me laugh!

Wish me luck! XO


Anonymous said...

I really love your candle chandelier in your dining room. I've seen some similar ones but not the rectangle shape of yours. Can you share where you got that?


Moddy Bee said...

ok, i want your drapes and pillows!!!! SERIOUSLY!!
love your house!

Paiges of Style said...

Hi Anonymous,

I bought that light fixture at the Restoration Hardware outlet. They still sell it on the Resto website under chandeliers. I LOVE it!

Megan M said...

wait, you're swapping houses with your friends down the street??? more details please!!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the info on the chandelier! I am a new follower of your blog and love it! One last question, was the mirror in the girls room with the fabric around it a DIY project?

Kelsey said...

What color are her walls? Love the green!

Kelsey said...

What paint color is the green on her walls? Love it!

Aaron [air] said...

love the swapping idea! I know someone who swapped with her brother too for a house about a mile away. It worked out nicely for everyone...the resourceful things we do :)

& quick the curtains in Quinne's room...The coral-ish ones...Im wondering if you are selling them? I would definitely take them if so & if not, can you email me when you get a chance & let me know if you can share the source? I will check Calico today just to be sure...I just love it & think it would really offset this red wall we have in our house we just moved into. Im not a huge fan of the red but then decided I could really have some fun with it. :) Vintage french I believe will be my theme :)

Oh & totally off the subject of this post but I love the bold blue for your bedroom. We too, are painting ours navy, so you may be giving me an idea. I am SOOOO in love with Dark Blues right now. We just received the new Missoni bedspread...the one with the big bold plum colored flowers that are more abstract than frilly...& I was thinking Navy would go well with the color scheme of the bedding...