DIY Valentine's Advent Calendar- Counting Down the Ways I Love you

Thursday, January 27, 2011

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To me, Valentine's isn't about chocolate and flowers. And I don't really feel the need for gifts so closely following Christmas (but I certainly wouldn't turn a gift away)  What I do love about this holiday is the love note that my husband writes to me each year. He has a special talent for writing cards, I cry every time I read own of his sappy love letters.

Start the countdown to Valentine's on February 1st with this {sweet} advent calendar. On the inside of each envelope, write a love note and tell your sweetie what it is about them that makes you smile. For my girls, I also wrote out a fun valentine's activity that we can do that day. We'll be baking cookies, drawing hearts and taking bubble baths. Let me know what you will be doing with your sweeties!

Follow these DIY instructions and make you own sweet calendar. 

Here are the supplies you will need:
1. Download the 14 envelope files here, you will need to sign up for a Scribd account to download
2. White Cardstock
3. Scissors
4. Glue
5. A cute way to display your cards, I used ribbon and mini clothespins

  Download all 14 of the envelope files first- get them here

 Print the files onto white cardstock

 Cut out the outline of the "envelope"

Fold all four corners of the "envelope" into the center

Write your love note or activity in the center

Fold in two triangles that are opposite each other and dot with glue. Repeat 
with the two remaining sides (make sure that the side with the 
number on it is the topmost triangle) Next, place the "envelope" underneath something heavy while it dries.

They should look something like this after the glue sets

Aren't they adorable?

You're done! Now display them!

I hung mine up on gorgeous ruffled ribbon with mini clothespins.  Mine went up in completely random order. We're learning our numbers over here so this will help Miss Charley in identifying numbers and learning to count.

See, isn't this ribbon amazing?

Leave me a note about what you'll be writing to your sweeties and how you plan on displaying these. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

White + Ruffles = Happiness

I used to hate ruffles. And I mean HATE. Having two sweet little girls around here has opened up my mind and heart to the sweetness of the ruffle. I'm not so sure my husband would love having a ruffled shower curtain but a girl can certainly dream, right?  Feast your eyes on these beauties!

The original via Anthropologie

Dreamy over a clawfoot tub via Anthropologie

Almost identical to the orginial via  Burke Decor

Sweet sheer shower curtain via West Elm

This fits right in with my new tagline "Target does it again" available here

Want to make your own? Head here for the DIY Instructions.

Zaina's Modern Tea Party (all the way from Kuwait!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Way back in October of last year, I was contacted by sweet Anfal to customize a "fuschia and orange tea party" for her adorable daughter Zaina's second birthday party in January. This was one of the first clients to ask for a totally custom party since I had opened my etsy shoppe, so I immediately took the opportunity and got to work. It's so amazing that I can design the party printables here in the US and Anfal can use them for a party all the way in Kuwait, talk about a small world, especially since Paul spent 6 months in Kuwait on deployment last year. 

I had no idea how fabulous this party would turn out, there are so many amazing details. My absolute favorite thing is the teapot at the entrance to the party. Ooh, but I also love the "mommie's lounge." Can I spend everyday in the "mommie's lounge?" Or maybe Anfal can plan my next birthday party too and hire a DJ, face painter and magician like she had at Zaina's party.

Great job Anfal, thank you for sharing Zaina's special day with us.

Internet Roundup- Top 10 Favorite Ready Made Pillows

Monday, January 24, 2011

My absolute most favorite part of being a designer is working with fabrics. The options are endless and I feel they present an opportunity to inject so much personality into a room. When I begin working with a client on a room, I always start with selecting fabrics. Typically, I pull a myriad of options and we choose our window treatments first and foremost and the room sort of unfolds from there.

If you dropped by my house, you would immediately witness my obsession with pillows. They are everywhere! I typically make my own with fabrics I have been eying for a while but I'll save you some time and effort by sharing my favorite ready made pillows. Put away your sewing machines and get ready for some serious pillow eye candy. 

Dwell Studio Diamond Ikat Square in Citrine- available here for $58

Thomas Paul Outdoor Octopus Pillow in Denim- available here for $80

Red and White Chevron Stripe Pillow Cover by Deco Yellow- available here for $56

Schumacher's Randolph Leopard Print Lumbar Pillow by Woody Liana- available here for $75

Kelly Wearstler's Grodian Walnut by Plum Cushion- available here for $175

Windsor Smith Prep Insignia Pillow from Furbish- available here for $65

Red & Black Suzani pillow from Wisteria- available here for $129

Dwell Studio for Target Yellow Rosette Pillow- available here for $25
(sold out online but available in some stores, check your local availability at

Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon- available  here or here for $185
(I know this is pricey, but this fabric is breathtaking and worth every darn penny)

Schumacher's Imperial Trellis by Jillian Lee Home- available here for $225
(also, this is pricey but it is such a good timeless fabric)

Furbish' Pink Fleckled Pillow- available here for $50

Here are my tips to achieving the right look with pillows:

When it comes to throw pillows, the most interesting arrangement will consist of a mix of varying solids and prints in different scales that all coordinate with one other. It really is a matter of playing matchmaker and pairing up prints and/or solids until you find the perfect fit for you. Before you order pillows (or any home item) from the internet, take a second to really look at the measurements. The most rookie mistake in home decorating is having the scale off on pieces and it really is one of the easiest things to work with, so break out your tape measure and make sure the sizes are right. As a general rule of thumb, I don't tend to go smaller than a 18x18 square pillow on a living room sofa. Last but not least, spend the money to use down inserts for all of your pillows. It looks luxurious and custom and it doesn't add much cost. Seriously, don't try to use that fiberfill crap, it won't look good no matter how beautiful your pillow fabric is.