White + Ruffles = Happiness

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I used to hate ruffles. And I mean HATE. Having two sweet little girls around here has opened up my mind and heart to the sweetness of the ruffle. I'm not so sure my husband would love having a ruffled shower curtain but a girl can certainly dream, right?  Feast your eyes on these beauties!

The original via Anthropologie

Dreamy over a clawfoot tub via Anthropologie

Almost identical to the orginial via  Burke Decor

Sweet sheer shower curtain via West Elm

This fits right in with my new tagline "Target does it again" available here

Want to make your own? Head here for the DIY Instructions.


Nicole said...

I wonder if my fiancée would dig a ruffled shower curtain?? hmmm :)

Marla said...

oohhh...ruffled shower curtain in the baby girl's bathroom. This I think I could sneak in :)

Fancy Frills Style Studio said...

Ummm Yes please!!

Brandi said...

I can completely relate: I used to hate all things girly. When my mother bought me my first bra, I didn't want it because it had a bow on it. A bow? Ruffles I was firmly against as well. And now? I can't get enough of either. How I wish I had a shower that used a shower curtain!