Water for Elephants

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We're on vacation right now in Sedona and I needed a good book to fill my free time. My mom lent me Water for Elephants awhile back and it's been sitting on my bedside table waiting for me. It did not disappoint. In fact, it was incredible!

I won't even try to tell you about it because my words won't do it justice. All I can say is, read it and be prepared to want to ignore your family for a few days. It was that good! Plus, the movie is coming out soon and I'm crossing my fingers it lives up to the book.

Do you have any recommendations for any other good books?


More Chic Than Shabby said...

Little Bee and The Help are excellent reads

Sew Hungryhippie said...

I couldn't put The Pillars of the Earth down. Or The Time Traveler's Wife. Both were excellent reads. I almost bought "Water for Elephants" yesterday and put it back....now I will go get it! THanks for sharing. I hopped over from UCreate to see your cupcake toppers. Glad I found you. When you have a sec, stop by and say hi. :o)

Kristy said...

How about Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks ....or Night Road by Kristen Hannah.