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Monday, April 18, 2011

I've been super excited to share our living room with y'all. (Sorry, that's my leftover Southern accent from living in Pensacola) Aside from our kitchen, this is the room where we spend most of our time and it's definitely one of my favorites in our home. I'll be sharing the detail shots in another post because there are just too many gorgeous pictures by Marla of Sprout Photography to squeeze into one post. I just about died when I looked at these pictures for the first time, her work is amazing!

It's really amazing what a coat of paint can do! This console used to be stained oak, definitely not my favorite, and now has a cool asian flare with a quick coat of glossy red paint. Would you believe it if I told you my father-in-law picked out that vintage trunk on his own as my Christmas gift a couple years back? I could hardly believe it either, I love it!

The fab yellow and white ikat window treatments are new and I couldn't be happier with them. Plus, the antlers were a fun DIY project that I'll share soon. 

I love those red Ikea lanterns and how about that modern art on the mantel that I grabbed at a yard sale.

A couple of my favorite things in the room are the coffee table with stools that pull out and this rug from Ikea. It's not terribly kid friendly but I'm willing to put up with a little scrubbing for the look.

A couple more corner shots

 This red bookcase might be my most successful DIY but unfortunately I don't have a before pic. It was also stained oak and it smelled like cigarettes. I grabbed it from a pretty nasty thrift store that had posted an ad on Craigslist so you never know where you might find that perfect piece of furniture.

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Giulia Doyle said...

This is really lovely. I really want that rug, but my local IKEA does not stock it :(
I think your bold hits of red and yellow are amazing and unusual and I'm always a sucker for coral or anything ocean related (my dream to have a beach house).
Loving your blog.

The Seaman Family said...

I love it!!! Love your style, great job on decorating!

Anonymous said...

Great space! Love all the colorful accents. Looks like such a family friendly room. Great job!

Julie said...

So beautiful and fun!

Jen said...

love this! i basically have the same theme going on - working the red from my foyer into my living space and i think the rug might work - emailed a link to me husband. cross your fingers that he agrees!! haha. love the hits of yellow as well - my adjoining room kitchen/dining (open concept, hate it.) is buttercream yellow so i am going to work that in too. love the site as well!

Anonymous said...

i love the primary colors together! red, yellow and a think i saw a couple of pieces with blue.

Where did you find the white and yellow ikat curtains? I've been looking for the perfect curtains...and those are amazing!

Love your blog!!!

grace said...

where did you get the seagrass coffee table with pull out cubes? i am in love with it!

Carolyn said...

LOVE your fun, colorful home. That coffee table is awesome.

Robin said...

What a talent you have! Followed the link from 6th Street Design and I will definitely be a regular reader from now on.

You mentioned the yellow ikat curtains are new ... can you share the fabric source? I think they are stunnning!


Elizabeth said...

Can you tell me brand and name of your glossy red? I love, love, love your style!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

This is a great room! I love the colors and all of the playful elements! I am excited to find your blog via 6th Street Design School... can't wait to see more!

Tiffany {Living Savvy}

kellynett said...

where did you get the seagrass coffee table with pull out cubes? I would love to know, if you would email me at


Anonymous said...

Love the overall look and the curtains. Where did you buy the fabric ?

Obsessive Compulsive said...

LOVE the coffee table. where can i find one?