Things that make my heart swell

Monday, February 14, 2011

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Happy Heart's Day!!!

I'm just popping in today to share a couple of things that make my heart swell.

Photos courtesy of Sprout Photography

Charley wearing Mama's pearls from our wedding day
 Photos courtesy of Sprout Photography

"Earn your stripes" Kate Spade bracelet available here

And last {but certainly not least}, I have to share a beautifully thoughtful gift that made my heart and eyes swell last week. Yes, I did shed a tear! My dear friend Sarah sent me this gorgeous  "earn your stripes" Kate Spade bracelet as a thank you for working so hard for her, I just about died when I saw a package from Kate Spade on my doorstep. Here's the lovely note she included. "Have loved working with you as we 'earn our stripes.' You are really going places sister and I am so proud of you! this is just a small thanks for all of your BIG help... i couldn't resist..." Did I mention that we have never even met? We "met" online and I soooo wish she didn't live across the country. We even have daughter's with the same name!

Sarah and I have worked together on a couple of fabulous parties over the last couple months. She is an insanely talented event designer that JUST started her very own children's party planning business named Lil Hoot with a darling blog to match. She is definitely one to watch out for as I am sure she is going to make it big. I can't wait to share her sure-to-be fabulous Fun-do Valentine's party that we've been hard at work on. {see the invitation here}

I'm off to go sing and dance and make silly faces with my girls. Making them smile and giggle makes my heart swell the most.

Now, go kiss your loves and tell them how much they mean to you!

XXOO Paige


Sarah said...

who's crying now?! thank you thank you, sweet paige!
oh, how i wish you were a guest at saturday's party. . .
hug those beautiful girlies for me!

Melissa C said...

Adorable family photos, and such a sweet gift!