SOS (for my camera!)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I have a teeny tiny little secret to share that I am particularly proud of. In college, I minored in History of Art and Architecture (but that's not the secret) which was such a lovely break from my "real" classes in Business/Economics. I was lucky enough to get a highly coveted spot in a History of Photography class. It was incredible, so full of beautiful inspiration and amazing history. I sat in the front row every day and never missed one session, and probably looked like a drooling idiot (still not my secret!). I was in awe, I wanted to drink it all in and savor every moment of this class. I think the professor caught on and she rewarded me with an A+, that's my secret. I didn't know you could even get an A+ in college but I happily took it. Unfortunately, it was the only one I received in college.

While I can identify and appreciate good photography, my skills at taking photos are seriously lacking. I've recently armed myself with just about everything I can to remedy this. Here's what I will be reading over the next couple months. 

When I was at Alt Summit (a design blogger conference in Utah), I was able to take a photography class by Nicole Hill Gerulat. She is an incredible photographer who runs I learned more about photography in one hour than I have learned the previous year so I'm hoping her books can do the trick.

I had already ordered these two books before I met Nicole, more information can't hurt, right? 

My dear friend Marla of Sprout Photography suggests another tried and true method, PRACTICE! Truthfully, I wanted an easier answer. She told me she took over 17,000 images last year, that is almost 50 per day, yikes!

What do you suggest for improving your photography skills? Fill me on in your tips and tricks. I'm getting desperate!

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Marla said...

both great books!! Happy reading!!