Absolute Favorite Kid's Toy

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Charley's (and Quinne's) kitchen. When I asked Charley if she liked her kitchen, she told me "it's so favorite." The kitchen entertains Charley for long periods of time and might be the best investment we my mom has ever made. If you are looking for a permanent part-time babysitter, this is the thing for you. Plus, at less than $150, it's just a no-brainer. I really wanted a white one and was lucky enough to spot it on zulily but the Kidcraft kitchen is also available at Costco in other colors. I'm a total sucker for all wooden toys so I love the pastel pink teapot and toaster that the girls also got for Christmas (also by Kidcraft)

Do you spy the "Keep Calm" poster from Charley's monkey party? It was too cute not to use somewhere in our house. Plus, the general state of our teeny tiny playroom is bananas, so it was perfect! The details on the kitchen are just darling. Charley loves to say "beep, beep" as she presses the microwave buttons and tells me to be careful as she pulls my "noodles" out of the oven. Hmmm, I'm noticing that her kitchen is cleaner than mine, rats!

You'll get to meet Miss Mermaid on our next trip to the playroom


Sarah said...

LOVE. hopefully our miss mermaid {and rosalie, and alice, and celeste, and lulu flower, and gigi. . .} can all play together someday!

Unknown said...

Seriously? Less than $150?! I gotta get me one of those. Very cute playroom by the way, I just love your style!

cjcollins said...

I will send this link to my mom, maybe she will feel it will be worth $150 as well! Love it!!